Producing great hybrid events requires blended skills sets — primarily television production and event-planning expertise. Our two organizations met at an event seven years ago, and today we work in partnership to create exceptional client and audience experiences at live, virtual and hybrid events.

Hybrid events need to be thoughtfully produced so the virtual experience is as valuable as a physical one and the best companies value virtual attendees alongside the in-person audience.

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We provide a range of services:

  • Technical services include platform setup and testing; live streaming and on-site show production; technical rehearsal management and scripting.
  • Presenter support services include virtual event speaker coaching, training and technical briefings; on-site and virtual green room management; host management and stage direction.
  • Content and reporting services include pre- and post-event content and social media marketing; live event video production; event analytics and reporting ROI.
  • Audience services include networking and engagement platform management, gamification components and breakouts; VIP delegate at-home care packages; and live event content publishing in social media.



“Behind every awesome moment is execution. Precise, repeatable execution.”

- Michelle McKenna, CIO, NFL