Up until now, a person’s interaction with their smart speaker has been largely query-based, where an individual asks for information such as weather, recipes or events in their calendar. 

Working on behalf of a brand, DJG produces voice-enabled experiences that let you connect with your audience via their smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

We design and build content experiences that leverage voice so organizations can have a conversation with a person around their interests and what the company has to offer.

For marketers: Give your audience access to news and information, exclusive content, thought leadership and insight, as well as offers and contests.

For internal communications and HR teams: Deliver company updates, news and executive messaging on a one-on-one basis with distributed teams and remote workforces.

For virtual event organizers: Provide attendees with “backstage access” to speaker interviews, sponsor info and exclusive content. Attendees can engage with their smart speaker live during an event, deepening engagement and creating a new kind of virtual attendee experience.

“Behind every awesome moment is execution. Precise, repeatable execution.”

- Michelle McKenna, CIO, NFL